Jessica Davey

web developer

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I am a web developer with a background in the entertainment and hospitality industries. Technologies include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js, Bootstrap, and Ruby.


Book Minder

book minder app screenshot

A simple app for keeping track of books read. Created with Ruby, using the Sinatra framework.

Pomodoro Clock

pomodoro clock screenshot

A timer made on CodePen with React.js as part of the Free Code Camp Front End Libraries certification. screenshot

A live website for myself as a singer-songwriter and piano vocalist. It was styled using vanilla CSS.

Band Website

band website screenshot

A band website for the fictional group "Jessica and the Pips". I participated in this Nashville Free Code Camp project by creating the style guide and the Discography page. This project taught me how to work collaboratively in GitHub, utilizing branches for each feature.

8-Bit Drum Machine

drum machine screenshot

An 8-bit drum machine using JavaScript and CSS. Also incorporates Font Awesome icons.